I fell in love with photography in high school, as one does. Taking "artsy" photos of run down buildings and my friends. Very cliche and angsty photos that I thought were masterpieces. Spoiler alert... They were not.  However, I loved it so much I decided to continue doing it through college. I have a degree in communications with a concentration in photography. What I was going to do with it... I had no clue. Long story short, I was very lost and had no idea what I wanted to do after college and so I started photographing friends weddings and doing family portraits  and I absolutely loved it. I've been running this little business ever since!

Hi, Its me, your friendly neighborhood photographer!

There's nothing I love more than capturing awesome people in beautiful places. I also enjoy binging shows in record time, going to the beach, paddle boarding, traveling, and curling up with my crazy dog and a good book. But, seriously, being a professional third wheel is top on my list of faves.